Changes happening to ACC levies

In September 2019, ACC released some changes to:

1. The ACC work levy for self-employed; and

2. The Experience Rating adjustment


Here’s what you need to know about ACC :


Coverplus Levy for Self-Employed:

This levy was previously levied during the year based on your previous years earnings.

Moving forward from the 2020 levy year, ACC will be levying self-employed AFTER the levy year has finished, so it will be based on your actual earnings.

This means you will receive your 2020 CoverPlus Invoice once your 2020 earnings have been filed with the Inland Revenue.

Due to these changes, the sooner you get your 2020 information in to us, the sooner we can start filing your 2020 tax return to trigger the CoverPlus Invoice.


Experience Rating Adjustment:

Experience Rating is part of the calculation to determine your ACC work levy.

From now on the cost of this levy will reflect your business health and safety performance.¬†Any improvements you make to your business’ health and safety practice could positively affect the cost of your levy.

Please contact us here if you have any further queries on the matters raised.