Ministry for Primary Industries – Drought Recovery Advisory Fund


The 2020 Drought Recovery Advice Fund is to help farmers recover from the 2020 drought, and plan for future droughts. It will pay for professional advice to a maximum of $3,500 (excluding GST). The fund is capped at $3.5 million (excluding GST). Successful applicants can decide what type of drought-related advice they need.

If you have been approved a drought recovery fund, please know we are a pre-approved supplier.


Types of drought recovery advice

The 2020 Drought Recovery Advice Fund can help farmers get a wide range of drought-related business and technical advice. The advice can include (but is not limited to):

  • stock water best practice
  • feed management systems
  • strategic planning, including farm business and whole farm plans
  • land management and sustainable management techniques
  • analysis of farm systems
  • risk and recovery management
  • business continuity
  • modelling farm systems change scenarios
  • alternate land-use options
  • technical advice on soil, pastures, or animal production
  • financial planning and decision support
  • farm accounts analysis.


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