Investing in bloodstock presents an opportunity to diversify your investments as well as creating opportunities for you to participate within an industry filled with excitement. We are a motivated team of bloodstock advisors and accountants dedicated to assisting participants in the horse racing industry and growing your investments toward success. We are experienced in bloodstock investments ourselves, so we will help guide you through the entire process from buying your first horse to joining a successful racing team. We are here to accurately comply with taxation and GST requirements while also advising on specific bloodstock rebates and concessions.

Ownership Structure Advice

The ownership of a racehorse can involve few or as many owners with differing levels of involvement. Whether it is a single owner or a syndicate of numerous owners, you can dictate your level of financial exposure without reducing the excitement ownership brings. Many horse trainers are involved with syndicates making it easy for smaller owners to be involved with the industry. MBS Advisors can help you navigate which ownership structure is best for you.

Broodmare and Breeding Investments

Like all investments, you need to have a thorough understanding of the risks and opportunities and understand the industry you are investing in. New Zealand’s equine breeding industry is no exception. First, you need to find a suitable filly or mare, ideally one that has already performed on the track and has a second shot at success as a broodmare. The second piece of the puzzle is to obtain a nomination of a suitable stallion. With so many stallions available in New Zealand and Australia, your final decision will usually boil down to the cost of the stallions service and whether you’re breeding to race the progeny yourself, or sell. To ensure you are making an informed decision, before you invest talk to our expert team of chartered accountants at MBS Advisors


 It is important to understand that involvement in the racing industry comes with risks and implications on GST and Income tax registration. But the experienced team at MBS is here to help you navigate the tax surrounding bloodstock investments, and make the investment as successful as possible.


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