Paid Parental Leave Applications Now Online

Paid parental leave just got easier.

As of March 2021, your staff can apply for paid parental leave via myIR on the Inland Revenue website.

The IRD Website can now pre-populate information it already holds for customers, such as contact details, name of employer(s), and an estimate of average weekly income for employees, making the process much quicker.

Employees are entitled to take parental leave from the workplace when they are having a baby or taking on the permanent care of a child under six years old, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Parental leave is unpaid leave from the job. However, if an employee is eligible for parental leave, they will also be eligible to apply for government funded payments for up to 26 weeks of their parental leave. This paid parental leave is administered through Inland Revenue.

Employees must meet certain criteria to qualify. And, as an employer you have obligations under the parental leave provisions too.

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